Our Values

At its heart, Magic Meadow is a values driven operation. My personal ethics are infused into every aspect of my work, from sourcing ingredients, to formulating with care and compassion, to honest labeling and sustainable packaging.

I am committed to producing high quality, effective products without the exploitation of human or animal labor.⁠

I am committed to helping to build a kinder and more just society and to investing at least 20% of each month's profits in community-based organizations working for racial and environmental justice, food and land sovereignty, and animal sanctuary.⁠

I aim to live my ethics and values every day:⁠
community over competition⁠
thoughtful formulation⁠
ethically sourced ingredients⁠


Worth it!

Love this powder, it’s my second time purchasing it and I’ll be back again! This shop is definitely worth it :)


Beat the Heat Powder


This stuff is awesome! The benefits of an oil cleanser but it rinses off with water ! I use it to take off my tinted zinc spf and then wash with non soap cleanser but you could probably get away with using just this cleanser. Love it!!


Cleansing Balm


The product is great I think it's helping with the fine lines around my eyes and it shipped fast.


Eye Serum


I tried this while I was having a flare up and I kid you not, this oil calmed my redness down SO much! Very moisturizing and it smells lovely to boot. Will DEFINITELY be back for more of this magic!


Calming Facial Oil

Ridiculously happy!

Please don’t stop making this stuff. I have finally found my skin care. I was previously subscribed to a “custom” skincare formula. I ran out early and had been using your line only for a week or so. My formula came and I put it on in the evening only to wake up to a breakout. I immediately stopped using it and only used your products and it’s remarkable how quickly everything calmed down again. I am ridiculously happy and will continue purchasing for myself. Considering for my daughter as well. Thank you so much!


Balancing Essence

It's really THAT amazing!

I am a gardener for a living. I am not sure how I have survived 45 years without this. Am I dramatic??? I don't think so...it's really THAT amazing. I waited to review before I used the entire bottle. I bought this again as well as the toner and the oil. Aweosme. That is all...Thank you magic meadow.


Hydrating Essence

Change your relationship with your skin

Often, when we talk about skincare as self care, it’s as an excuse to take a few moments of time to do something kind for yourself. And while I absolutely support everyone in carving out time for pampering, meditation, reflection, hobbies, whatever helps fill up your cup, I think this framing in some ways erases the specifics of how skincare -practice and products- is self care. 

Our skin is both how we present to and interact with the world and what protects us from it. For folks with “good skin” that duality and that relationship may be an easy one. For some folks skincare is little more than ten minutes of me time each evening. But for those of us with “problem skin” that relationship can be far more fraught. For folks with a complicated relationship with their skin, skincare can be so much more than me time. Finding products that work to heal your skin and help it feel better can impact self esteem, confidence, and our relationships with others. 

And often when we struggle with skin concerns, the physical and emotional toll of that can be dismissed by folks not going through it as an issue of vanity. And the quest for something to help is sometimes dismissed as shallow consumerism. That dismissal just further complicates the already difficult relationship we may have with our literal faces. 

So please be gentle with yourself and take good care of all of you, physically, emotionally, spiritually. So we can bring our whole selves to our community. 

What is an ethical business?

Folks exchanged goods and services before capitalism and we'll continue to do so after capitalism. In the meantime, I'm going to do my best to build this little anticapitalist business. ⁠

Is anticapitalist business even possible? I wholeheartedly believe it is, or I wouldn't be here. What this means to me is working to embody the following ideas:⁠


What does living into these ideals look like? For me, it means, first and foremost, pricing my products fairly. My offerings are priced to account for the cost of materials, overhead, and my labor, regardless of the market rate for a product. It also means sharing resources and information freely, and participating in community fundraisers/raffles/etc as much as I am able; supporting other makers and artisans, working to keep my money in my community economy; offering barter opportunities; valuing cooperation instead of competition; speaking folks names when opportunity arises; investing in work I believe in; and always working to disrupt and dismantle the elements of white supremacist thinking that manifest in myself and my work. ⁠

Prosperity is so much more than wealth and keeping that big picture in mind is part of my internal anticapitalist framework. I am a constant work in progress, friends.