by Regan Schwartz

Calendula officinalis

Energetics: warm, dry, tonifying

Actions: draining, lymphatic, alterative, diaphoretic, vulnerary, antimicrobial

I began my relationship with plants with calendula - or, more specifically, my skin’s relationship with plants.  As someone with easily irritated, rosacea-prone skin, my relationship with my skin and skincare was iffy for a long time.  A constant cycle of trying new products and feeling some relief then everything returning to the status quo and starting all over again.

Until I decided to work on healing my skin instead of treating my skin.  And that is where calendula and her amazing vulnerary capabilities entered the picture.  Calendula’s healing history is long and storied and she has a particular affinity for skin cells, both internal and external! Calendula can help heal your gut lining as well as she can help heal your skin barrier.  I work with calendula in tea, tincture, hydrosol, infused oil, and salve.  She shows up in my toners, serums, facial oils, baths and steams, after sun spray, and many balms and salves.  I clearly love working with these gorgeous flowers.

Consecration, love, constancy, and protection are magical correspondences of this delightful flower.  Calendula is ruled by the Sun and fire - it is sunshine in plant form!

If you are looking for a gentle, yet powerful plant ally in your skincare journey - Calendula is a wonderful one to start with.  You can easily grow some from seed in your garden or in your windowsill.