Lady's Mantle

by Regan Schwartz

A bush of ruffled green leaves with small bunches of yellow flowers.

Alchemilla vulgaris

Energetics: cool, dry, tonifying

Actions: astringent, hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, vulnerary, febrifuge, nervine

I cannot get enough of astringent herbs these days - I blame this impossible central Texas summer since most of my favorite astringent herbs are also delightfully cooling.  Astringency is the property of toning and tightening up, of holding in and together.  Lady’s Mantle has an affinity for the pelvis and the reproductive organs and I’ve been working with Lady’s Mantle’s nervine properties in comforting tea blends lately , as I process the ever evolving state of the world and our human rights.  Lady’s Mantle, indeed.

Topically, Lady’s Mantle plays an important role in my Herbal Exfoliating Potion - its styptic astringency and salicylate content both help to relieve pain and inflammation and heal the barrier while assisting your skin with sloughing off dead skin cells and bringing fresh, bright skin to the surface.

Magically, Lady’s Mantle has a long association with protection, the feminine, and transformation. We see that transformation aspect in its Latin name: Alchemilla vulgaris - ordinary alchemy!  Lady’s Mantle can be a helpful friend as you work though trauma  - in fact many folks collect the dew that accumulates on the leaves at sunrise specifically to work with for this purpose.  As you might have guessed, Lady’s Mantle is associated with the moon and water - a correlation we expect when a plant is so deeply tied to our emotional lives and has a powerful astringency.