by Regan Schwartz

Plantain grows in a lawn

Energetics: cool, moist, tonifying

Actions: vulnerary, demulcent, astringent, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, emollient, expectorant, hepatoprotective

Let’s talk about best friends.  Herby best friends.  Plantain.  Scourge of monoculture lawn-lovers and ally to all who itch and ouch.  Plantain is a demulcent, antimicrobial, vulnerary herb and that means that it helps to fight infection, moisturize, and heal all at once!  What an absolute gift of the garden, the lawn, the verge, the meadow.

Rashes, bug bites, blemishes, compromised skin barrier, angry digestive tract….working with plantain can help your body to handle all of these and more!  Plantain’s affinity for the skin makes it a powerful ally in helping our bodies to heal from wounds and other manifestations of compromised skin integrity, both internal and external.  I usually work with plantain in tea, oil, and salve, and occasionally in poultice/compress.  Plantain shows up in my after sun spray, facial oils, baths, and salves.  

Magically, plantain is associated with strength, healing, and protection and I often include it in candle dressing and talismans.

Plantain and calendula is one of my favorite herbal combinations for skin support.  How do you work with plantain? What are your favorite herbs to combine with it?