by Regan Schwartz

pink roses in bloom on a dark green rosebush

Energetics: cool, dry, tonifying

Actions: vulnerary, astringent, antimicrobial, exhilarant, nervine, refrigerant 

Rose is an ancient friend, who’s calming and soothing presence is a balm booth internally and externally.  Cooling, vulnerary, and astringent, rose is a lovely friend to irritated and wounded skin, especially if that barrier disruption is hot and damp in nature.  And her nervine action soothes and comforts and is delightfully uplifting.  Rose hips (the fruit of the rose) are nutritional powerhouses, rich in vitamins a and c.

One of the first plants I ever tended to were a set of rose bushes in the back yard of the home my mother and I rented when I was a teenager.  As we rebuilt our lives after my parents’ divorce, those roses brought us beauty and comfort and were an important part of our crafting a safe space.  Rose’s thorns are an important part of her medicine - protective boundary fortifiers.  Magically rose is associated with love, attraction, protection, death, rebirth, and remembrance.  It is an important part of my Ritual Oil for the Dead.  Rose is ruled by Venus and water, which is evident by its strong emotional capabilities.  As someone who tends to run a bit hot and a bit dry, I feel a strong attraction to plants ruled by water.

Rose shows up in so many of my offerings: toning facial mists, serums, essences, facial oils, eye serum and balm, facial powder, baths and facial steams.  I also drink rose every day in either tea blends, or as tincture and rosehips are an important part of my elderberry syrup recipe (they are also delicious infused into wine, if that’s more you’re style).